New Zealand – Day 6

Went to see the Hamilton Gardens this morning and there happened to be a 2 week long activity going on.

We visited the Maori show which showed us the legend of how New Zealand was formed by a group of 4 people. Primarily aimed at the younger audience we still enjoyed it and I was give a part (albeit small).

The rest of the gardens were split into smaller parts from different parts of the world. We saw gardens from India, Italy, China and England for example.



and after watching an art exhibition we drove on to Rotorua.

We went to see Waimangu where they have the remnants of the the world`s youngest geothermal system in New Zealand.





The smell of rotten eggs being everywhere and mixed with the smell of sulphur, not all that pleasant.

We went back to Rotorua for the night and noticed that the smell of rotten eggs is still very prevalent in the city.

Had a hot tub before we went to bed.

New Zealand – Day 4

In the morning went to  “The Basin” in Whangarei where they had a load of touristy shops.

then later on we looked at the waterfalls in Whangarei:

and then drove on further north to the “Bay of Islands“.
A wonderful place with lovely views. Took a ferry from Paihia to Russell where we had some drinks and icecreams (yes, life can be tough).




And before I forgot to mention it to all you back in Europe, the weather is sunny and 25deg C.
Someone’s got to do it….
We also had a lovely swim in the motel swimming pool. Decided to give the spa a miss.

Had fish (snapper) for dinner with creme brulee for Prue and hot chocolate for me afterwards.

All and all a pretty good day.

New Zealand – Day 3

Thursday, picked up the hire car and drove up to Wenderholm country park.
Again some very nice views, some of which are good enough to frame:

also walked to the top of the hill (it didn’t feel like a hill!) where the scenery spoke for itself:

then drove up to Whangarei where we stayed the night.

New Zealand – Day 2

Woke up some un-Godly hour and it looked cloudy and a little bit of drizzle.
Decided to go to the Auckland museum. A nice place but a loooooong way to walk from the hotel.

A lot of interesting Maori artifacts and history of New Zealand.

We also went to see the Maori cultural performance and Prue had a go at the Poi performance.

And the whole group did the “Haka”.

Went back to the hotel via the wintergardens.

where we saw some amazing plants and flowers.

New Zealand – Day 1

Tuesday, arrived in the middle of the night, i.e. we got to the hotel at 3 am. Long flight via Dubai and Brunei. Woke up at around 9am and went for a search for breakfast.
Got back with eggs and bread. Our first NZ breakfast.

Then went on to the Skytower, the tallest building in the southern hemisphere. A glass floor in the lift is pretty spectacular but not for the faint hearted.

Views are pretty spectacular though.

Also took the ferry across the harbour to Devonport and had a wander around.

We then went back to the Sky tower and had a meal before we ran out of steam….

Hello world!

19January 2011 – First blog page of our new website. Hope to keep you updated on our passion for flying, travel, food and drink and other leisure activities such as theatre and punting.

Hope you find these fun and informative.


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