Berlin – Day I

We’re off to Berlin and are visiting Susanna and Luka in their new flat. Leaving work early we drive to Gatwick to catch the Easyjet flight to Tegel. We arrive at 21:00 and take a taxi to the Hotel “Hansablick” which is just around the corner. We then have coffee and wine with Susanna.

ADC Theatre – The Wind In The Willows

We are again going to the ADC theatre and tonight we are seeing “The Wind In The Willows” by Kenneth Grahame.

Alan Bennett’s timeless adaptation of Kenneth Grahame’s beautiful story of Ratty, Mole, Badger and of course Toad of Toad Hall which was a delightful performance by BAWDS.


The Ivy – Wimbledon

It will be James’s birthday soon and we are taking him and Liesa for dinner tonight as they were unable to come to Restaurant “22” last week. A slow drive to Wimbledon where we arrive at 5pm. James picked “The Ivy” in Wimbledon as the venue where we met Liesa at 7:30pm. We all had an excellent meal.

We adjourned to their flat and whiled away the time over a cup of coffee. Left at 11:20pm and got home before 1am.

HIAM Dance

We went to HIAM social club in Prickwillow, near Ely where we danced the night away to the “Galaxy Big Band” which played a number of memorable hits to dance Latin and ballroom. Always a great evening and this was no different. The only point is that they do not finish until 11:30 and then it is another 40 mins to drive home.

HLT – Sleeping Beauty

Tonight we went to see “Sleeping Beauty”, the annual panto performed by the Haslingfield Little Theatre and again an excellent performance by the whole cast. Prue has put in a great effort in painting the scenery and designing the poster and can be rightfully proud.

Sven, Babs, Lars, Susanna and Luka came along and they all enjoyed the performance.

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