We have been feeding the birds in the back garden but most of it is taken by the cheeky squirrels. We have however been getting other visitors and the muntjac has been named “Monty”. He now come around every morning for some breakfast. Still a bit timid but getting better every day.

G-JFWI Annual

The annual had been completed on my trusted Cessna 172 and will be flying the first flight after this. Always a bit apprehensive as you never know if the engineers who took her apart, put her back together again in the right order. Doing all the checks twice before I fly but shouldn’t have worried. She flies beautifully.


Advent is upon us and Prue has been joining in with other villagers and made an “Advent” window display. With a bit of help from me doing the lighting we think we have done a fairly decent job. We go “live” on 12th December and better at night than daytime.

Parish Council

Today is the last parish council meeting I will attend as a councillor.  I felt it was time to pass on to someone else after almost 9 years. I have enjoyed it very much and hope I made a slight difference to the local community.

New Office

We have moved into out new office and quite a bit less floor space than before. However still more than enough to do our work properly.

Just a bit cosier.