Tough times

The public transport business has been badly affected by Covid as people travel far less. As such we have to reduce expenditure and move to smaller premises to save on electricity, rent and rates. We have been here for 14 year but this is the last view of the old office. Looks rather empty now but we fight another day.


James came over today to celebrate my birthday. And as the weather was very nice we went for a long walk to Wimpole and visited the folly.


It’s my birthday and Prue has arranged a socially distanced “treasure hunt”. She has given me the first clue (hidden in a book in the telephone kiosk) and from then onwards we have to find the next location and clue. Some of these are friends who have provided a card, present and a clue. Very enjoyable and end up at Madingley Hall. The party hat was an obligatory accessory.

Very good idea and good to see our friends joined in.

Flying to Turweston

As it is William Stoye’s birthday this week, as a surprise for him, I am taking him up flying. We are flying to Turweston airfield near Silverstone and am buying him lunch there. A nice flight and William loves it…(William is 2nd from the left in picture)