It is already the last day of our week long break in Rhodes. We have thoroughly enjoyed it, the place is wonderful, the people very friendly and as there is little evidence of Covid (few people wear a mask although waiters in restaurants and one must be worn when entering a shop). We fly back at 5pm.

Greece – Rhodes Town

Today we planned a trip to Rhodes Town in the north of the island. It is only a 25 min drive and park the car close to the centre and take in the centre by foot. Although a bit touristy the centre is teeming with history and we enjoy a gentle stroll through the ancient streets.


In the late afternoon we return to Faliraki for a stroll along the beach and have dinner at “Yammas Mario” and Mario is quite a character in his own right.

He cooked for us a wonderful large seabass.

Greece – Lindos

We are planning a trip to Lindos which is about 30 miles south and then continue our journey around the edge of Rhodes (clockwise).

Lindos is a lovely little place with quaint streets and rather quiet. We have Affogato on one of the many roof terraces and enjoy the stunning views.


We then continue our journey along the island and the west side of the island is far more rugged and mountainous than the calmer eastern side.

We spot some of the local goats and have lunch near Kamiros.


We then continue and visit the “valley of the butterflies”. While impressive, there is only a single species of butterfly. We start at the bottom of the valley and follow the river up. When we get to the top we find there is no transport back down and Prue’s knee is indicating it has had enough so I walk back down again to pick up the car.


Greece – Rhodes

A blue sky is welcoming us when we wake up and plan to spend the day on the beach near Faliraki. After breakfast we take a short ride to the beach and spend most of the day lounging about.

Greece – Rhodes

As it has been a very restrictive year due to Covid and as Prue’s knee is now getting a lot better we have decided to have a short break. As there are few countries we can go to due to quarantine and self-isolation we are having a week in Rhodes. We fly with Jet-2 from Stansted and booked a hotel just outside Faliraki. Dinner on the first night is a Greek meze.

Scarecrow Festival

This weekend is the bi-annual Haslingfield Scarecrow Festival and the weather is very kind to us. The are a large number of scarecrows dotted around the village which are being admired by a large influx of people. The theme this year was “Idioms and Sayings” and seems to have lead to an lare number of different interpretations. Prue has made a scarecrow (with a tiny bit of input from me) depicting a painter (Vincent) painting a thousand words with his picture.

Village Hall extension

We have officially opened the village hall extension today and are showing off the new kitchen and meeting room upstairs. We can be proud of what we have achieved in a little over 18 months (taken longer due to Covid). Let’s just hope that many villagers are able to enjoy the new facilities.