Patio – revisited

I have finally finished the patio. A big job but am very pleased with the final result. Had to cut several slabs to size to ensure they fit nicely around the pond.

You can judge for yourself.

Operation Time

After months of struggling with a painful knee, Prue is finally having an operation on her knee today. I drop her off at 16:30 at the Spire hospital and get a ring at 22:30 to hear she is ready to be collected again. A great relief that this has been a successful operation as the problem started on 5th January this year. Let’s hope a speedy recovery is in the offing.

Belton House

As we are getting rather bored being at home most of the time, we take the MG for another trip and this time we visit Belton House near Grantham in Lincs. Due to Covid-19 the house is closed but the extensive gardens are open to the public so we have a meandering stroll to take in the scenery. We also walk through the large orangery.