Dedham Vale

As we cannot drive to Cornwall we have decided to take the MG for a run along the river Stour and the Dedham Vale also known as “Constable country”. A leisurely drive along twisty country road while the weather is perfect. We stop near the river in Nayland and have our lunch. We drive as far as Dedham and return using a slightly northerly route via Hadleigh and Lavenham. A very enjoyable trip.


Late in the evening we can hear some strange noises from the back patio and wonder if there is someone in our back garden. However upon inspection we find that some badgers have taken upon themselves to gorge on the bird-food we left out during the day. We try to photograph them but didn’t come out too well due to the reflections in the window.

Clacton Beach

It is Prue’s birthday and we are driving to Clacton (as the airfield is still closed due to Covid) to spend the day on the beach. As it is rather windy we buy a wind-break and claim a nice spot on the beach in front of the Martello Tower.

We have bought a bottle or Prosecco which we have just before lunch.

We then have fish and chip for lunch.

A30 to Cornwall

We were planning to drive the A30 from London to Cornwall over the bank holiday weekend in the MG stopping in several places and hotels along the way but Covid-19 has put a big spanner in the works so had to cancel the whole trip. Were planning to stay with our friends near Holsworthy on the way back. Perhaps we can do this again next year.

Flying to Church Fenton

James and I are flying to Church Fenton airfield where James was an RAF cadet during his time at Leeds University. It has now been renamed as Leeds East aerodrome to show it is no longer an RAF base. Brings back good memories for James and we have a good look around the airfield which is eerily quiet. The controller lets us both have a look at the control tower during his lunch break. We eat our picnic lunch just outside the tower and overlook the airfield.

Isle of Wight

The weather this spring seems to smile upon us as there is another lovely day so today we are flying to the Isle of WightSandown Airport” were there will be a bankholiday “fly-in”. We get to the Isle of Wight after 90 mins and find the sky full of small aircrafts with about 6 in the circuit. When the aircraft in front of us decides to land at the last moment we have no choice but to go around and land at the second attempt. After a couple of hours and eating our lunch we fly back and get back to Fowlmere at around 5pm.

Hare and Hounds Quiz

Today is the second weekly quiz and it looks like everyone enjoyed and missed the quiz. Although there is no social interaction, the first quiz last week was enjoyed by all. So this will now become a weekly event until we can all go back to the pub on Sundays.

Hare and Hounds Quiz

I have started a Zoom subscription and today is the first virtual Zoom quiz. Hope it will go well and this has been a weekly event every Sunday for the last 10 years.

VE day (8th May)

Today is Victory in Europe Day (VE Day) so we have decked out the front garden in flags and union jack umbrella (we don’t have a real flag) to get in the spirit. Paul has beenĀ  playing Vera Lynn all day to get us all in the spirit although there only so much Vera Lynn one can take