HIAM Dance

We went to HIAM social club in Prickwillow, near Ely where we danced the night away to the “Galaxy Big Band” which played a number of memorable hits to dance Latin and ballroom. Always a great evening and this was no different. The only point is that they do not finish until 11:30 and then it is another 40 mins to drive home.

HLT – Sleeping Beauty

Tonight we went to see “Sleeping Beauty”, the annual panto performed by the Haslingfield Little Theatre and again an excellent performance by the whole cast. Prue has put in a great effort in painting the scenery and designing the poster and can be rightfully proud.

Sven, Babs, Lars, Susanna and Luka came along and they all enjoyed the performance.

ADC Theatre – Deathtrap

We are again going to the ADC theatre and tonight we are seeing “Deathtrap” by Ira Levin.

Sidney Bruhl, an academic and struggling playwright, has writer’s block. That is until he reads Deathtrap, a tour-de-force murder mystery laden with plot twists, psychological horror and emotional intensity. It’s just a shame that an unproven upstart wrote the masterpiece – but what if there was a way Sidney could make it his own? Time to invite the playwright round for tea…

Deathtrap, arguably Ira Levin’s greatest play, still holds the record for the longest-running comedy-thriller on Broadway, consistently staggering audiences for decades. Now, brought to life at the ADC Theatre, Deathtrap promises an all-too-real comedy-thriller that hits like no other. A great play and very much enjoyed.

Iceland – Last day

It is already the last day of our mini-trip and plan to visit the Perlan museum and planetarium. We see the night sky and wonderful northern lights in the planetarium which are very impressive. We then continue to explore the history of Iceland, the people and wildlife. A very informative experience which includes a trip through an ice cave and get to know a lot more about Iceland. It used to be covered in trees but were mostly cut down and soil erosion since has been a major issue. They are also very proud of their national parliament “The Althing” which has been in existence for over 1000 years.

We then have one last look around Reykjavik including a flea market before we head back to the airport.

A memorable short break.

Iceland – Golden Circle

Again it is dark when we awake and after a big breakfast we gather in the lobby for the “Golden Circle Tour“. We are collected on time and are driven through a wintery landscape, first to the Thingvellir National Park which is where the European and North American tectonic plates drift apart. A spectacular scenery but bitterly cold as the wind is very strong.

We then continue the tour and visit the Gulfoss waterfalls which are very impressive but also very cold as the wind has got even stronger and very little protection. We have a hot drink in the cafe to warm us up and then continue the tour to the Geysir. The hot thermal vents spout water on a regular basis and are impressive to watch.



Iceland – Road trip to Vik

We wake up at 8am and find that the sun does not rise until 09:45 so it is dark outside. After a hearty breakfast we take the car and drive to Vik, which is the most southern point on the island. Along the way we stop to see large waterfalls and dramatic coastal scenes.

When we get to Vik we have some lunch and drive back to Reykjavik when it starts to sleet. We stop for dinner in Selfoss and continue as we are offered a free “Northern Light tour” as we didn’t see much last night. The sky is clear so we are very hopeful but the lights remain elusive.


We’re off to Iceland for a short break and flying to Keflavik today. To make the trip a little easier we stay in the Ibis hotel near Luton airport so we do not have to get up too early. The Easyjet Airbus A320 lands at little after 11am and continue to pick up our hire car. We than take the 1hr drive to Reykjavik and check into our hotel. And after putting on some warmer clothes we go to the centre and look at some of the sites including the Hallgrims Kirche.

We also have a look from the top of the church overlooking Reykjavik.

We also have to get used to the high prices for food and drink. We have some soup and fish pie for lunch.

We gather in the lobby at 19:30 as we are being collected by coach for the “Northern Light Tour”. After driving for close to an hour to get away from the Icelandic light pollution we are dropped off in the middle of nowhere and peer at the night sky for close to 2 hrs without seeing any green lights in the sky. We are then moved to another spot were we see the lights for a brief 10 min period. We are returning back to the hotel at midnight, rather cold.