Llandedr – Flying II

After a sumptuous breakfast we walk along the beach from Club Gwynfa to Harlech where we have lunch and visit the castle. We then take the train back to Llandanwg to collect our bags and wait for the train to take us to Llanbedr airfield. By 17:15 the 16:35 train has still not arrived and started to panic as we had to leave by 18:20 to ensure we would get back to Fowlmere before dark. We unsuccessfully tried taxis but Sheila from Club Gwynfa kindly dropped us off so we got back before sunset.

Llanbedr – Flying

As this is the August bank holiday we are taking a long flight to north Wales to the airfield of Llanbedr. As we have plenty of time we walk to our bread and breakfast place in Llandanwg.

We are greeted by Sheila Marshall who could not have been more welcoming. When we asked her where we could eat she said she would cook for us. A gastronomic delight awaited us washed down by a very nice wine.


Hare and Hounds – Caribbean Evening

We cycle to the Hare and Hounds this evening and enjoy the Caribbean Evening. We are welcomed by Mojitos and enjoy these so much we have some more. We then order the Caribbean platter which is a delightful meal comprising Coconut rice, kebabs, bean stew, patties and a small salad. We then enjoy a game of sequence which was brought along by John.

Beirut III

The 2 days in Beirut have flown by and it is already time to fly back to the UK. One last look at the scenery before we head for the airport.


Prue has travelled to Heathrow for a flight to Beirut with James as co-pilot in the Airbus A320. I dropped her off at Heathrow Terminal 5 and should be a good albeit longish flight. They will arrive in the evening.


We have decided to retire the old MG TF and have bought and even older MG F although this is in much better condition. Moreover the suspension has been “done” so will have a smoother ride than the TF. It is in dark blue with black hardtop and light brown leather interior. Just need the cambelt done (by the MGOC) and she will be ready to go.