House Warming

We have been invited by Pam and Chris to their house warming party as the ave final moved back into their by fire damaged cottage after almost 20 months. We met many old friends and enjoyed the party. In think Pam and Chris have taken this opportunity to make several improvements to their listed cottage and found that especially the new kitchen is a major improvement.

Shakespeare – Hamlet

As part of the Cambridge Shakespeare festival we have seen Hamlet. This was in Kings College gardens just off Queen’s Road. It was also recognise to have been the hottest day EVER in the UK (at the Cambridge Botanic Garden) although there were thunderstorms forecast for the evening. The play started well and we enjoyed our picnic but halfway through the performance the heavens opens and we got pretty wet. And although we did bring umbrellas, these were no match for the downpour. We did enjoy the play and went home pretty soaked.


Woken up this morning with terrible pain in my left foot. It is completely swollen up overnight and after consulting Google, I can only diagnose that I have gout. This has been confirmed by my GP and has given me both painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. By Wednesday the pain has subsided a bit and able to walk again. Hope it will not recur again any time soon as it is very painful.

Stapleford Quiz

We are off to the three horseshoes pub in Stapleford for the monthly quiz. We thought the quiz would start at 19:30 but did not actually start until close to 9pm. Not an easy quiz (who was the youngest man to walk the moon for example) and we come 3rd out of 7 teams. So not a complete disgrace!

Sounds Green

We are off to the Cambridge Botanic Garden where we see Truly Medley Deeply. An exciting hybrid of live band, DJ and jukebox – a duo that produces a huge, full-band sound, thanks to the multitasking lead vocalists Nick Goodwin and James Partridge.

Their trademark is seamless arrangements that range from Motown classics, favourite hits and epic stadium rock to classic House and Gangsta Rap – all condensed into intricate, full-flowing and continuous medleys. Enjoyed the music while we have a picnic in the grounds.

The 39 Steps

Another Friday evening so it must be ADC theatre again, this to to see the 39 steps.

With a principal cast of only four playing a minimum of 139 roles, The 39 Steps is the most astonishing theatrical experience for everyone.

In The 39 Steps, a man with a boring life meets a woman with a thick accent who says she is a spy. When he takes her home and she is murdered! Soon, a mysterious organisation is hot on the man’s trail in a nationwide manhunt. An absolute hoot and enjoyed by everyone.

Michael Foale

We are going to Cambridge Dept of Engineering and have “An evening with Michael Foale”. Prue used to know him and his sister from many moons ago and want to hear his story on the space shuttle and the international space station. It is a well attended and enjoyable evening with many facts and video clips. We also manged to get Mike to pose for a photograph.