It is an early start today as we are flying to Devon (Eggesford airfield) where Simon will be picking us up. We arrive at Fowlmere at 06:30 and Angela and Phil are waiting. Pre-flight inspection completed we depart at 07:00 and there is still some ground fog towards the north. The flight is fairly uneventful and have a detour north of Glastonbury (no fly zone) and arrive at 09:00.

We have a lovely day with Simon and Elaine who have prepared a very nice barbecue for lunch. We leave again at 18:30 for the flight back to Fowlmere. Weather has deteriorated and need to fly along the south coast via Exeter to avoid the low clouds. Arrive back in Fowlmere where the weather is very good at 21:00. An enjoyable day.

Flying – Turweston

I am flying Ali to Turweston today which is only about 30 minutes away near Silverstone. She has offered to pay for lunch which suits me very nicely.

I think she enjoyed the flight.


We wake up in Oxford and agreed to meet up with other guests at the Isis Farmhouse near Iffley locks for lunch, a leisurely stroll from the hotel. A lovely setting near the river but are certainly less impressed with the service and food. The food takes over an hour to arrive and the quality is certainly well below par.

We leave Oxford at around 3pm and take the M40/M25 route. Definitely not a good idea as the road is stop-start most of the way.

Oxford Wedding

Today is the day of the wedding in Iffley church. Glorious weather and we all have a gentle stroll to the church after a large breakfast. James as the best man greets us.

We attend the church and notice that the vicar Andrew McKearney has a familiar face. When we ask we find that he christened James some 30 years ago. What a coincidence.


We then take the short ride with James to the reception at the Cherwell Boathouse. After a short while the happy couple arrive by chauffeured punt. While taking pictures accidentally drops her phone in the river. This does not dampen our spirits and after a very nice dinner we dance (and drink) the night away. We get back a little after midnight.

Oxford Wedding

We are off to Oxford today to attend the wedding of Alejandra and John Black tomorrow in Iffley. The traffic is fairly heavy so we decide to have dinner in the in The Queen’s Head in Wing. A delightful pub with some very nice food.

We resume our journey after about an hour and arrive at the Hawkwell hotel a little after 9pm. We have a drink in the bar and sit outside to enjoy the late sun.


Another Friday evening so it must be ADC theatre again, this to to see Evita by Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Time Rice.

Evita is one of the most celebrated musicals of all time. It tells the story of Eva María Duarte de Perón, her rise from rural poverty to become the first lady of Argentina and her transformation into a national icon.

It was one of the best performances we have seen at the ADC and singing was of the highest quality.


One of the few very nice days and are punting after work with Beccy, Gordon and Alie. As time is limited we punt along the backs and not as busy as we were anticipating. we have a lovely time and are suitably impressed with Gordon’s punting skills after a 40 year hiatus.

We try to get a drink and food at the Granta pub but is is extremely busy so go to the Hare and Hounds instead.


We are visiting Duxford airfield today where we see the Dakotas which have been brought together here before they all fly out to Normandy on Wednesday to take part in the D-day commemorations.

They are landing one after another and a total of 25 are lined up on the apron. A magnificent sight.