The electric bike

We visit the electric bike shop today to buy Prue’s birthday present (it is day after tomorrow!). Alter long deliberations we decide on a bike with Bosch motor, disk brakes, extended battery and a strong lock. Prue tries out a couple of bikes and decided on a nice shiny black one. We can pick it up next week 🙂


Rory and Max

It is our pleasure to look after Rory and Max this weekend. To keep them entertained we go punting in the afternoon and while they have never punted before make a pretty good attempt.
We have a barbecue in the evening and again show them how to cook a good hamburger and bangers. They are not too keen on the salad but the chips are going down a treat.

I think they have enjoyed themselves.



ADC Theatre – In The Next Room

Went to see “In The Next Room” at the ADC theatre tonight.

Set in 1880s New York, well-respected gentleman and scientist Dr Givings has just started using his new medical tool, the vibrator, to treat ‘hysterical’ women (and some men!) in his operating theatre. Next door in the living room, his wife wonders what on earth is going on in the next room, while trying to care for their new-born baby. When Mr and Mrs Daldry arrive, bringing their wetnurse with them, Dr and Mrs Givings are forced to examine their own marriage, and what it means to be truly intimate.

Stepping Out

Haslingfield Little Theatre’s latest production is Stepping Out – The Musical by Denis King, Richard Harris and Mary Stewart-David. Set in a dingy Church Hall, this heart-warming musical follows the lives, loves and laughs of 9 women (and 1 man) attending a weekly tap-dancing class.

A very polished performance whereby Prue designed the poster.

Quiz – Steeple Morden

We have been invited by some of our friends to a quiz evening in Steeple Morden primary school. An enjoyable evening and at some stage we were even leading the quiz. However our lack of knowledge of TV Quiz Hosts let us down badly as we only scored 1 our of 20 points. This made is drop down the leader board but still finished a very respectable 4th out of 19 teams.

James and Liesa

It is the bank holiday and drive to south London where we have been invited by Liesa and James for lunch. They have mad an exceptional effort and a lovely lunch awaited us.
We then drive to Kew Gardens where we have a leisurely stroll through the extensive gardens. The grounds have been turned into an exhibition by glass sculptur Dale Chihuly.

We are then invited by Liesa and James for a birthday celebration in a local restaurant (very much appreciated) where we have a very nice meal.

We drive back late at night and are rewarded by a tremendous downpour and lightning near Royston.

Church Fenton (AKA Leeds East)

It is wonderful weather today so have invited Mike Bass to accompany me when we fly to Church Fenton aerodrome. It was the place where James gained his PPL and where I had my first taste of flying in 2010! It was then a RAF base and was closed in 2013 and subsequently opened as Leeds East airport.

The flight was fairly uneventful and let Mike fly most of the way ensuring we remained clear of CAS. I landed at 11:15 and both had a massive breakfast. After having looked around (it was fairly deserted) and refuelled we left again a little after 1pm. I flew most of the way back and got back to Fowlmere at 15:00.


Chilford Hall – Tea and Wine

We are visiting the Chilford Hall vineyards today with a view to learn more about UK wine production, to sample some wines and to have a cream tea afterwards. The weather is pleasant enough and when we arrive we have a chat with other people in the cafe. We then have a 20 min gentle stroll to the vineyard where we are told most of the ins and outs of wine production.

We then have a walk through the barns where the grapes a pressed, fermented and bottled.

We then have a wine tasting session where we are presented with 5 white wines. Some are better than others and decide to buy a bottle for a special occasion.

We finish with a cream tea which included sandwiches, scones and petit fours. An enjoyable afternoon.