Florence – Sunday

Another glorious day with blue skies. We wonder off to a small craft market just south of the river where Prue buys some lovely earrings. We then continue on to the Palazzo Pitti which is another massive museum. You can possibly spend a whole day inside looking at art but we have enough after about 3 hrs and have a walk in the Italian gardens. We then have a late lunch, again on an outside terrace and take the tram back to the airport afterwards. We get home at 23:50 tired but satisfied.

Florence – Saturday

An early start as we have booked tickets to see the Uffizi Museum at 09:45. We think we are in luck as there is no queue but find that pre-booked tickets need to be collected (and there is a long queue there).

Finally get our “pre-booked” tickets at 10:25 and enter the museum. Another long queue as they only have 1 airport style scanner.

Finally get inside the museum and it is spectacular with many well known artworks including Botticelli, Michelangelo and Rembrandt.

We spend a good 3 hours inside and when finished we have a long lunch at one of the terraces and enjoy the lovely weather.

We then walk to the cathedral and have a look inside and then continue to walk around the old  centre of Florence. We get back to the hotel at 8pm and have a meal at a local restaurant.

Florence – Friday

We flew to Florence today with British Airways from LCY for a short weekend break. We arrive in Florence at 2pm local time and take the tram to the hotel where we drop our bags. We then take the tram into the city centre and visit the Palazzo Vecchio and see the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition. We also walk along the Ponte Vecchio and have an Italian meal in one of the local restaurants. We get back to the hotel at 11pm.

The Ivy – Cambridge


We have been invited to celebrate Gill’s birthday at “The Ivy” in Cambridge. When we arrived we were ushered into the private dining room and were greeted by Yannis who was the waiter for the evening.

An enjoyable evening which included fish pie and beef tartare. And while the food was certainly good I though it was rather overpriced. You can certainly get better meals in other Cambridge restaurants for the same money. Also disappointed by their ruling that you cannot bring your own cake! However a good evening was had by all.

Blue Lion Dinner

We are meeting some of our friends tonight and have dinner at the Blue Lion in Hardwick. The Blue Lion was taken over in early January and the signs are good that this will be a decent pub for food. The blackened cod was excellent as was the service. Atmosphere in the conservatory was somewhat lacking otherwise this would have been a very good evening.

Haslingfield Tennis Club Quiz

Another weekend and another quiz. This time it is the Haslingfield tennis club who are hosting in the Little Rose pub. There are only 6 teams but competition is fierce. After a hard fought contest we end up finishing second (we must brush up on our non-existent music knowledge) and win £20 (which was our entrance contribution) so this was an inexpensive evening.

Legally Blonde

The story of Elle Woods, a sorority girl whose life is turned upside down when her boyfriend, Warner, dumps her to ‘get serious’ and go to Harvard Law. Refusing to let her dream life slip away, Elle becomes determined to show him how serious she can be. She charms her way into Harvard but when she arrives she struggles to gain the respect of her peers, professors, and most importantly, Warner. With the help of a few good friends, she quickly realises her potential and sets out to prove herself in this new world.

A brilliant performance which was thoroughly enjoyed

Sven here

My brother is staying with us this weekend as he has to attend a meeting on Monday. Having a meal at the Hare and Hounds on Friday which turned into a long session as we do not get home until after 11pm.

On Saturday I show him my aircraft and then go on the MG Owners Club in Swavesey where he has to get some parts for his MGB.

On Sunday evening it is off to the Hare and Hounds again for the quiz.

Comberton Bowls Club Quiz

Another evening and another quiz. This time it is the Comberton Bowls club which are hosting in their village hall. We manage to get a team of 6 people and again we were treated to a ploughman’s supper. There was nothing to choose between the top 3 teams when going into the last round. We managed to answer 9 questions right which meant we won the quiz by 0.5 point with third team a further 0.5 behind. Won a bottle of wine and box of chocolates for our effort.

Hardwick Quiz

We went to the Hardwick quiz at the Hardwick primary school. We had gathered a team of 6 people answering the questions and were treated to a ploughman’s supper. Didn’t do too badly as we came 4th out of 18 team so we did not disgrace ourselves. An enjoyable evening.

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