Bohemian Rhapsody

Went to see Bohemian Rhapsody bio-pic this evening in Saffron Walden cinema. A tour-de-force from Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury and a thoroughly enjoyable film with some memorable music by Queen.

It tells the story of Queen when Freddie Mercury was their lead singer up to the Live Aid concert in 1985.


It is the first of our 4 performances tonight of “Cinderella” and we can be proud of ourselves as apart from the fire-alarm going off, the performance was polished and slick.

I have 2 small parts. I play the Major D who announces all the guest at the ball and an anonymous role as the giant Oak. I need to move my branches, arms that is, at the appropriate times to tease the ugly sisters.

And have heard all the usual jokes; branching out, wooden acting etc. I just hope that people appreciate that keeping your arms in the air for 10 minutes is not that easy.


It is my birthday today but it will be a busy evening. We will be going to our ballroom dance classes first and when we get back it is rehearsal for the panto “Cinderella” in our local village hall. Prue and her friends have done an amazing job on the scenery and it is simply stunning and possibly her best effort yet.

The performances are on 22,23 & 24 November and have been sold out for weeks.


Another glorious flying weekend. On Saturday I had a Wingly flight and flew to Grafham water albeit the weather was rather murky and visibility wasn’t brilliant but good enough for a short flight.

On Sunday the low clouds dispersed earlier and after a short Wingly flight to Grafham water (again), John Roberts and I flew to Fenland Aerodrome where I was treated by John to lunch. In return I let him fly all the way back to Fowlmere (40min) where we landed at 2pm.

In the evening we went to the Hare and Hounds pub quiz where I teamed up with Jim. To our amazement we won the quiz albeit by 0.5 points.


Another glorious day for flying and this morning we flew to Stapleford Aerodrome near London. After an uneventful flight we touched down and went to the cafe which was full of aspiring young pilots all training for their ATPL. They have an extensive flying school with 12x C152 and 3x DA42’s. It means it is fairly busy all the time. After our coffee and cake we set off again to Fowlmere, this time the long way around via the east of Stansted.

Johnny English

Went to the cinema again and this time something very much more lighthearted in the form of the bumbling spy Johnny English, played by Rowan Atkinson. A very silly, entertaining film which shows Rowan’s talents to the full. Some very good cameo roles. And without spoiling the enjoyment, the VR scene is absolutely brilliant. Go and see it if you want to be entertained and don’t care too much if it is believable.

Fireworks and Chilli

It is fireworks night in the village and have invited some of our friends so go and see these and have a chilli-con-carne afterwards. The weather was pretty decent, not too cold, dry but a bit windy. As usual the firework display was very good.

We then enjoyed the chilli afterwards washed down with wine and beer. A very enjoyable evening.


Now the engine is running smoothly again, I have taken Alfie up, after 2 aborted flights. If he was nervous, he didn’t show it. Flew over his house near Audley End and then turned back to Sandy when I let him fly for 30 mins. Seemed to pick it up fairly quickly. After an hour we go back to Fowlmere airfield.