Have another Wingly flight today and taking up a passenger who wants to be a commercial pilot. Met at 09:15 and after preparing the aircraft we taxi to the runway. During take-off run I find that the engine is not running well and abort take-off. Trying to clear the problem by leaning the engine and blowing hot air into the carburettor. Trying a second time but problem persists and not running well.

Tell my passenger that we’ll have to try another day and ask the engineers to look at the engine. Will have to try again when the weather permits.

Training Flight

Today is my bi-annual training flight to renew my SEP type rating. A bit nervous although shouldn’t worry as it is not an exam and hence cannot fail. Weather is clear skies but rather a strong wind directly across the runway. Did some upper air work; climbing and descending between 2000ft-3000ft, 360 deg steep turns, turns onto new headings etc. and all seem to be going well. Back to Fowlmere for a couple of touch and goes and although approach is fine, the landing was far from perfect (not enough rudder). The second is markedly better and only the third landing was classed as decent. As the instructor commented, “you landed the plane and plane and passengers did not sustain damage”.

After parting with £50 my type rating was renewed until 31/12/2020.

Caro Emerald

Went to see Caro Emerald in the Cambridge Corn Exchange this evening. A very good performance by a very talented singer. The backing band was also excellent and provided an entertaining evening. We had very good seats in the second row from the front. She sang all the well know songs and some new numbers as well.


It is already the last day of the holiday and flying back today. We are relaxing on the beach in the morning and next to the swimming pool in the afternoon.

Dropped the car off at the hire place near the airport, flight delayed by 40 mins. Then have to wait 20 mins at Stansted for someone to open the terminal door. Then 45 mins to get through passport control and 15 to get to the car. We finally get home at 02:15 (which is 04:15 Corfu time!).


On Saturday we drove the coast road to Kassiopi which is a small fishing village with some touristy restaurants. You can see Albania across the sea.

Although lunch at the resort is included we decided to have “a Greek mezze” at one of the small restaurants overlooking the harbour. This was much better than expected. We then drove back via the very twisty road across the Mount Pantokrator.

Back in the resort we had an “Asian” evening. Not sure the Greek know how to do asian food.


Went to the old town of Corfu today (Friday) including a visit to the old fortress. Had a look around the old town including some old shops. Had coffee at the Liston, one of the most famous squares in Corfu.


The resort laid on a Greek evening next to the beach which included dancing “Sirtaki”, plate smashing and traditional dancing. This was all accompanied by excellent Greek food prepared on the barbecue.

We really enjoyed this evening



Wednesday we travel to the other side of the island and plan to visit Glyfada. A small resort with a large sandy beach where we spend a couple of hours, including lunch and swimming in the sea.

On Thursday we visit Issos Beach which is a bit further south and venture a long way along the beach. When we return back to the car we drive all the way to Kavos, a rather infamous resort on the south tip of the island. Mostly vacated by young people at the height of summer it is pretty deserted in October. Interesting to see.

We have the “a la carte” menu in evening at Paralia next to the beach. Rather enjoyable.



The Corfiotes seem to have an interesting view of traffic and especially the lack of rules and regulation. Not surprised that Greek roads are among the most dangerous in Europe. Need to have 2 pairs of eyes in the front and another 2 pairs in the back of your head. However if you can drive in Paris and New York you can cope in Corfu.

As it was raining on Monday morning we went to an art museum. It cleared in the afternoon so went to the beach near the hotel.

On Tuesday we went to the Achilleon which is a palace built on the Island of Corfu by Empress of Austria, Elisabeth of Bavaria, also known as Sisi.



We have booked a well deserved one week holiday in Corfu and leaving today. The resort is on the east side of the island and includes all food and drink. After a small delay of 40 minutes we arrive in Corfu at 22:20 and collect the hire car at 23:00. It is only a short drive to the resort and hot the pillow (after a couple of drink) at midnight.

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