Turweston Airfield

Weather is forecast for sunshine and (few) showers so have decided to fly to Turweston for lunch. While I have been there before it is new for Prue so off we go to Fowlmere. After a fairly quick flight we get to Turweston and we have to land in fairly heavy rain (after a go-around as we are getting too close to the PA28 in front of us). We have a quick dash to the control tower where we pay our landing fees and have a very nice lunch and see the aircraft land and take-off.

Rather surprised we were accosted by a person from another table who used to live opposite us in Haslingfield and recognised us. A small world.

We left just after 3pm and it was a case of “dodge the showers” on the way back. Landed at 4pm and we decided to have dinner at Pizza Express in Cambridge. Why not, it’s bank holiday weekend after all.

21st Shuttleworth Proms

We went to Old Warden airfield today (by car!) where they held their annual Shuttleworth Proms. We arrived at 3pm and found a good spot halfway between the music tent and the runway. The “performance” started at 7pm when the National Symphony Orchestra played well know compositions accompanying the flying displays. We saw displays by DH88 Comet, Spitfire, AVRO C19 and Miles Hawk Speed 6 to mention but a few. Then in the interval we had a flying display with pyrotechnics which were spectacular to say the least!

Then after the interval we had the proms with the usual well know numbers such as “Land of Hope and Glory”, “Jerusalem”, “Rule Britannia” and “God Save the Queen”, accompanied by many union jack waving. The perfect evening was rounded off by spectacular fireworks at 10pm.


Had my first “Wingly” flight today. Wingly is the new flight sharing platform which bring together pilots and passengers so they can share the flying experience. This is after a change by the CAA earlier this year that will allow pilots to share the cost of flying equally between pilots and passengers. Hence I took Emelia and Kris flying today in G-JFWI. We flew to Grafham water (and let Kris fly), then around Huntingdon and back via Cambridge to Elmdon where we flew over their house. Judging by the smiles on their faces I think they enjoyed it.

Shakespeare – 12th Night

We went to see Shakespeare’s 12th Night with our friends and it was a performance enjoyed by all. And as the great bard said himself: “”Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em”.

It follows the story of twins Sebastian and Viola who both believe their other half has drowned. Viola dresses as a man and looks so much alike her brother that mistaken identity runs through the play. A very witty comedy accompanied by a great picnic and weather that stayed dry (but only just).

Raymond Blanc Cookery school

I was given a Raymond Blanc cookery school voucher last year and today is the redemption day. So an early start as we have to be at Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons at 9am. We arrive in plenty of time and it is a lovely day. We are invited by the head chef at 9am and given an apron and lead to the cookery school kitchen. We will be “preparing” a 4 course lunch. We are paired off and somewhat disappointed that we are actually only cooking 1 of the 4 courses. The rest is prepared and demonstrated by the head chef accompanied by loads of advise and tips. After some light lunch we have a look round in the wonderful gardens and go back home at 2pm.

River Avon

We had a fairly early start today and flew to Defford-Croft Farm Airfield next to Bredon Hill. This then took us by small walk to the River Avon where we were met by Mike and Diana and their narrowboat. We stopped along the bank and had lunch at The Bell in Eckington. A lovely pub with decent food. After lunch we went back to the boat and cruised to Pershore where we had afternoon tea and a look around the town. After ringing about 8 (!!) taxi companies we managed to book one to take us back to Defford-Croft farm. After a quick inspection of the aircraft we flew back to Fowlmere where we landed at 20:30.