Norfolk – Cromer

Flew to Cromer today after following the Norfolk coast line from Felixstowe. A very enjoyable flight and landed (Rwy 04) at Cromer airfield. A rather short runway of 615m. Had coffee and flew back to Fowlmere via Blakeney, Wells and Hunstanton.

When we approached Fowlmere we noticed a herd of deer on the runway. Fortunately they scattered when we approached.


Travelled to Southend Airport as I have been told that G-JFWI has now been refitted with new avionics. Rather windy to fly back but apart from this, the weather is not too bad. After instructions on the new avionics I started her up and found the flaps to inoperable. After a quick diagnosis it appears a connector had come apart and once fixed I was on my way. A check with Duxford confirmed that there was 22kts crosswind so a tricky landing ahead. Messed up the first approach so after a go-around the next attempt was much better and parked her up.

Birthday Party

Today is the big birthday party celebration in the village hall. Got the band and hog roast arranged. Hall decorated, drinks sorted.

I am happy that everyone made a real effort to dress up and it appears they are all enjoying themselves. The band is brilliant, the food excellent and the company superb. Couldn’t have been better.

Sent the photos to all the people who attended.

Coton Bowls Club Quiz

We met up with a group of friends and enjoyed the Coton bowls club annual quiz in Coton village hall. This was a very well organised quiz with lovely Chilli-con-carne and apple tart for pudding. To our very surprise we were informed that we had actually won the quiz and were given a chocolate egg each as a reward. Not a bad way to spend your Saturday evening.

Mottisfont Abbey

The weather has not improved much and after a quick swim and breakfast we have travelled to Mottisfont Abbey. A lovely historical priory and country estate in Hampshire, England. Sheltered in the valley of the River Test.

Afterwards we travelled back to Haslingfield via Abingdon and Buckingham where we had a cream tea.


Today is rather poor weather, windy, wet and cold and have decided to go to Lymington. A picturesque village in the edge of the Solent. Visited a couple of shops and had a look around. Went back to the hotel for a swim and had a Thai meal in the evening.