G-JFWI – Sandtoft

Driven all the way to Sandtoft airfield it is now time to pick up my Cessna 172 aircraft. Having flown a couple of circuits with an instructor it is now the time to fly her to Southend Airport where they will upgrade the radio stack. Weather is not ideal with clouds at 1800ft and light rain but it is better the further south and east you go. Taking off and following the river Trent we quickly reach Newark. Then follow the A1 and get to Grantham where we turn south-east and just north of Cambridge when to sun comes out. Avoiding Stansted ATZ, I quickly get to Southend and after clearance to enter and land, I parked near the Horizon Avionics hangar. Then the journey back home by train.

100th Quiz

After having started some 7 years ago, I now have reached the milestone of 100th quiz at the Hare and Hounds on Sunday evening. To commemorate the event there will be 100 questions instead of the usual 50. This will include the challenging Dutch questions, a music round and two picture rounds. Here is the quiz100_Dingbats and here are the dingbats_answers for all who could not make it.