BA Flight Simulator

Today I am travelling to Heathrow to fly in a professional 3D motion Airbus A320 flight simulator which James has arranged as my 60th Birthday present.

A memorable experience which was thoroughly enjoyed. James in the captain’s seat and me as first officer. We flew from Schiphol, Heathrow, Gatwick, Jersey and Innsbruck. The feeling of flying a real aircraft is amazing and can understand why this training is so much better than the real thing. I have suggested we should do this once a year.

Porterhouse Blue

Went to the ADC theatre last night for a performance of Porterhouse Blue by Tom Sharpe. Unfortunately Prue couldn’t come but this was a hilarious farce she would have enjoyed.

Porterhouse College prides itself on having remained exactly the same for over 500 years. Swan is served in hall, the rowers are head of the river, and no one has achieved a first since 1956.
Disaster strikes when a liberal politician is appointed as the new master. Sir Godber plots to introduce a self-service canteen in hall, a condom machine in the toilet, and most horrendously of all… female undergraduates!
Porterhouse’s incurably traditional porter Skullion and the aging dinosaurs on the college council simply will not stand for it. This war for Porterhouse’s soul can only end one way: with three deaths, an incriminating television documentary and 2,000 inflated condoms raining down on Old Court.