Back home

Prue arrived back home today after a very long trip through Europe. We now have to be patient and hope for a good recovery. As it is a compression fracture, Prue will be a little bit shorter than she was.

Been to Addenbrookes’ fracture clinic and they have confirmed what we already knew. Just will take time to heal and not allowed to lift anything for at least 10 weeks.

Ambulance home

As Prue need to remain horizontal the only option open to us is to get her back via ambulance. This will be a 22hr marathon trip and they have sent out an ambulance with 2 man crew to northern Italy and hopefully she will be back early on Tuesday morning.

Oops, Prue is finished skiing

Just heard that Prue has had a fall while skiing and has a compression fracture of the L1 lumbar vertebra. She has this confirmed by an X-ray and this means she is no longer able to go skiing, which is rather disappointing. Recovery will take some time and means she will have to wear a body brace. Just have to get her back home again.

Prue has gone skiing

Dropped Prue off today at Stansted as she is off skiing for a week with some friends. This year she is going to Folgarida, a small village in northern Italy. I think she will have a great time.

I think she is really going for the apres ski and the ski instructors!