Birthday – Tea party

Had a house full of visitors who helped celebrating my 60th birthday (didn’t see that coming!). It was good to meet up with friends we had not seen for some time and all were very generous by offering presents. Prue had managed to keep the birthday cake a surprise which was a diver (possibly me?) among the reef and fishes. A very welcome surprise and hope all enjoyed themselves.

Fire Comberton

Just heard the dreadful news that Pam and Chris’ house in Comberton has burned down yesterday. This must be devastating as there is not much left of the grade II listed cottage. Fortunately the fire brigade was there quickly and managed to save a lot of their personal belongings and nobody was injured.

House Warming – Gt Sampford

Went to John and Chris Roberts house warming party yesterday. The have just bough a delightful house in Great Sampford, Essex. An old thatched 4 bedroom house with original features such a beams and fireplace. Headroom rather limited in some places so will need to keep a good lookout. Great party with very nice food.

Stratford Upon Avon

Woke up and the sun was shining! Went for a long walk on the hotel estate and said goodbye to James and Liesa who travelled back to London. We then went on to Stratford Upon Avon and visited the place where William Shakespeare used to live (his house was demolished over 200 years ago). Visited another market in Stratford and then took the slow route back home. Had tea and cake in Buckingham.

Robin Hood – Panto

Went to see Robin Hood – “Men in Tights” panto at Eversdens’ Village Hall. This was a hilarious performance of some good and some not so good actors.  The two villains Grab and Smash obviously had a very good time and were the outstanding performers on the night. A very enjoyable evening.

Cessna F172N

Have agreed to buy a Reims Cessna 172N. Looks a fairly decent aircraft but will need the avionics updating. The aircraft was built in 1978 and has still 900hrs left on the engine before overhaul. Will need a new 8.33kHz radio fitting. Let’s hope she will keep going for many more years.

Hare and Hounds

After just over a year, the Hare and Hounds in Harlton has reopened. Went to the opening evening and it was pretty packed. They made some subtle and pleasing changes to the pub. First impressions are very good. They certainly sell a decent pint and hope that when they start to serve food it will be equally as good.