Back in UK

After a long flight we are back again in the UK. First job to do is mowing the lawn as this is rather long. It is nice to travel but also nice to get back home and sleep in your own bed again.


Had a walking tour of Savannah. An impressive town with many historical sites including the opening scene of Forest Gump where Tom Hanks sits on the bench and tells his story. Town is laid out in 8 block squares. Also included a boat ride on the Savannah river interrupted by some very heavy showers. A very nice place to visit.

Boone Hall – Charleston

Visited Boone Hall, which is one of the oldest working plantations in South Carolina. Learned about the slavery which started in 1711 and ended during the civil war. A very impressive site which has been used in several films. Also included an informative tour of the house and the whole estate. Finished the day by driving to Savannah.

The Road to Charleston

Spent most of the day driving to Charleston. We took the scenic route and avoided the interstate which added considerably to the journey. Went to some very picturesque places and great saw some great sceneries. Also stopped for lunch at a small restaurant where we had “southern cuisine”. To me is was chicken breast dipped in cornflakes and then deep fried, served with BBQ sauce. Not my idea of a memorable lunch. Got to Charleston late afternoon.

Chattanooga revisited

Today was the last day with James as he is flying back. We went to to “Park Point” atop lookout mountain, the scene of a major battle in the American civil war in 1863. Chattanooga was an important site between two ridges and a crossing of the Tennessee river. The union solders took the city and drove the confederate soldiers back to Atlanta. We then showed James the Choo Choo again and dropped him off at the airport at 8pm. He had the very last seat! Stayed the nights in Conyers.

Athens TN

Today was the day of the total solar eclipse. We went to Athens regional park as did 17,000 other people. A nice setting and a beautiful day. No a cloud in the sky all day. The eclipse started at 1pm and took almost 90 minutes to get to totality. It went dark for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, street lights came on, birds went quiet and everyone stared in awe. Then slowly the sunlight went back to normal. Highway traffic on the return journey was a nightmare as the normally 30 min journey took over 3 hours.

Chattanooga Choo Choo

Spent half a day in Chattanooga and went to see the home of the Chattanooga Choo Choo. Looks like they read Harry Potter here too. Had big ice creams to keep us cool. Then went to Atlanta airport to pick up James. A 4 hour round trip.

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