New Zealand – Day 30

Went to the Kiwi bird centre in Queenstown. The showed us some of the endemic wild animals including the kiwi, the taratua, the kea and the great threat to the wildlife in NZ, the possum and the stoat.


We then had one more walk along the peninsula.

With a final look at “The Remarkables”.

and the botanical gardens

Flying back to Auckland tomorrow morning for our onwards flight to UK on Friday.

5 weeks have gone far too quickly……

New Zealand – Day 29

An early start as the coach is picking us up at 06:55 outside the motel for the long drive to Milford Sound. Some rain on the way there but cleared up by lunchtime and as it rains for more than 250 days each your we were very fortunate with the weather.

The pictures speak for themselves.

The road to Milford Sound



Our little boat


Mitre Peak
Prue near the waterfall
The journey back

A very memorable day and you can easily see why this the the No.1 in the list of 100 things for Kiwi’s to do.

New Zealand – Day 28

Drove along lake Wakatipu to Glenorchy where most of the filming for “Lord of the Rings” was done.

It also lead to the road to Paradise. An unsealed road but thought that the road to Paradise was worth taking. We had to traverse several deep fords on the way there. As it started to rain along the way we were concerned we might get stuck (especially as the signs along the road warned us that rivers can flood very quickly) we turned back just before we got to Paradise. We will never know!!!

We then drove on to Arrowtown. A frontier town which has not been commercialised (too much).


The went to the AJ Hackett Bungy jumping site along the Wanakau river. The place where the first commercial bungy jumps too place.

The Anticipation


The Fear
The Relief

We did consider it (for about 0.5s) but thought it too windy.

New Zealand – Day 27

As it was glorious weather we thought we would have another boat ride. This time on the jetboat up the river.

And as this was also a photo session for their new brochure and website we had an extra long boat ride.

We then drove on to Coronet Peak where the best skiing is done in winter. A season ski pass is $899 which is very reasonable. A brand new building and great facilities. Must come back in the winter 🙂

In the afternoon we went for a walk around Lake Moke.

Unfortunately we must have had water on the lens from the boat trip as most pictures were fuzzy.

New Zealand – Day 26

A little overcast but it is expected to clear up later in the day. Decided to go for a short walk along Lake Wakatipu to Sunshine Bay. Along the way Prue saw some very nice toadstools and saw the steamer  “TSS Earnslaw” go past.

On the way back Prue found a $5 bank note which made her day.

In the afternoon when the weather cleared up we decided to go on the “Million Dollar” cruise along the lake.

Wanakau bridge

Than had a walk along the peninsula where the botanical gardens are.We saw a lot of people play Frisbee golf.

View from the balcony of the motel.

New Zealand – Day 25

Woke up to rain. At least there are no midges now!
Not much to do in Haast so move on to Wanaka.
Perhaps the weather is not very good, but the rain makes the rivers even better.

When we got to Wanaka the weather cleared up and we paid a visit to Puzzling world.
A place were you cannot trust your eyes:
Incredible shrinking Prue
We then completed the maze.
Tried to get a room for the night but were advised that the annual agricultural show was on and not likely to get any accommodation. We therefore decided to have alook at the show where I was accosted by 2 tall girls.
We took the road through the mountains to Queenstown and had another great view.
Booked a hotel with a room overlooking the lake.
Hotel room view
Steamboat going past.


New Zealand – Day 24

Early start to have a half day walk on the Fox Glacier. Needed to be at the check-in point at 8:30.

After a short bus ride and a hike we arrived at the glacier.

When we returned from the glacier we had a walk around Lake Matheson (also known as reflection lake as you can see the mountains reflected in the lake)

Unfortunately by the afternoon the clouds had closed in around the mountains and the view to Mt Tasman and Mt Cooke was shrouded in clouds.

In the late afternoon we drove on to Haast which is a frontier town (another term for a 2 house settlement). There were loads of sandflies (i.e. biting midges) which means we had to keep the windows closed.

New Zealand – Day 23

Went for a walk to the “Devil’s Punchbowl” which is a waterfall high up in the mountains. A VERY steep walk rewarded us with a great view over the waterfall and the pool below.

We then got back to the car and moved on down the alps towards the west coast.

We drove on the west coast and had a stop at Hokitika. The only remarkable feature of the place was the enormous amount of driftwood on the beach (for which it is famous)

Drove on to Fox Glacier and stayed the night there.

New Zealand – Day 22

Woke up to glorious sunshine and decided to have a walk around the end of the Kaikoura peninsula. Views were spectacular.

After lunch in Kaikoura, we drove past Christchurch (not a good idea to get too close after the earthquake) and decided to take the Alps to the west coast. Again the scenery was breath taking.

We stayed the night in a log cabin in Arthur’s Pass which is the high point between the east and west coast. Rather cold at 900m above sea level and as the nearest place is as least 80km away everything was rather expensive.

New Zealand – Day 21

Monday 7th March, Had breakfast at Jester’s Café.

Where Prue fed the “tame eels”.

Then said goodbye to Alan and Ali, thanked them for their hospitality and drove to Kaikoura on the East coast.

Along the way we saw fur seals.

Weather was getting worse and by the time we got to Kaikoura it was raining.

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