Greece – Lindos

We are planning a trip to Lindos which is about 30 miles south and then continue our journey around the edge of Rhodes (clockwise).

Lindos is a lovely little place with quaint streets and rather quiet. We have Affogato on one of the many roof terraces and enjoy the stunning views.


We then continue our journey along the island and the west side of the island is far more rugged and mountainous than the calmer eastern side.

We spot some of the local goats and have lunch near Kamiros.


We then continue and visit the “valley of the butterflies”. While impressive, there is only a single species of butterfly. We start at the bottom of the valley and follow the river up. When we get to the top we find there is no transport back down and Prue’s knee is indicating it has had enough so I walk back down again to pick up the car.


Greece – Rhodes

A blue sky is welcoming us when we wake up and plan to spend the day on the beach near Faliraki. After breakfast we take a short ride to the beach and spend most of the day lounging about.

Raptor Foundation

It is the bank holiday weekend and unseasonably cold so we dress up warmly and visit the “Raptor Foundation” just north of St Ives. Here the house and care for a large number of owls and birds of prey. An interesting visit which is completed by a display of flying animals. An interesting and informative day out.

Belton House

As we are getting rather bored being at home most of the time, we take the MG for another trip and this time we visit Belton House near Grantham in Lincs. Due to Covid-19 the house is closed but the extensive gardens are open to the public so we have a meandering stroll to take in the scenery. We also walk through the large orangery.

Clacton Beach

It is Prue’s birthday and we are driving to Clacton (as the airfield is still closed due to Covid) to spend the day on the beach. As it is rather windy we buy a wind-break and claim a nice spot on the beach in front of the Martello Tower.

We have bought a bottle or Prosecco which we have just before lunch.

We then have fish and chip for lunch.

ADC – My Fair lady

Another Friday and it is the ADC Theatre again. Tonight we are seeing “My fair Lady” based on the book “Pygmalion” by George Bernard Shaw.

Alan Lerner and Frederick Loewe’s ‘My Fair Lady’ tells the compelling story the ‘education’ of a Miss Eliza Doolittle.

Doolittle is a fiery, intelligent young woman who works as a flower girl. She desires upward social mobility, but her strong East-End accent prevents it. She seeks the elocution lessons from a paternalistic professor of phonetics, Henry Higgins, who gradually moulds her into his ideal of womanhood. Eliza finds herself battling oppressive ideals of femininity and class and is forced to re-evaluate her sense of self.

CUMT’s production is a compelling reinterpretation of the classic tale, with an exhilarating combination of physical theatre, ensemble multi-rolling, puppetry, and Loewe’s well-loved score.


We are off for a 5 day break to sunny Benidorm where we have booked a room with sea view and balcony at hotel Canfali in the old city. The weather is very pleasant for this time of year (22C) although the sea is still very cold. Went for a couple of walks and found a lot has changed in the 5 years we were last there.

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