Nothing much has happened since the last post on 28th February as pretty much all social contact has ceased. No cinema, meals out, theatre or dinner parties. Even the pub is out of bounds. Will update when there is new to report. In the meantime, keep safe and well.

Prue Exhibition

Prue has her biennual exhibition with her friends at Grantchester village hall with Friday being the private view where they offer wine and snacks and the show on each day from 10am-5pm. And despite the poor weather Prue had her best ever show by selling 11 paintings over the weekend. She was a very happy bunny and paid for my share of the celebration meal afterwards at the Red Lion.


We have decided to retire the old MG TF and have bought and even older MG F although this is in much better condition. Moreover the suspension has been “done” so will have a smoother ride than the TF. It is in dark blue with black hardtop and light brown leather interior. Just need the cambelt done (by the MGOC) and she will be ready to go.


Woken up this morning with terrible pain in my left foot. It is completely swollen up overnight and after consulting Google, I can only diagnose that I have gout. This has been confirmed by my GP and has given me both painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. By Wednesday the pain has subsided a bit and able to walk again. Hope it will not recur again any time soon as it is very painful.

Michael Foale

We are going to Cambridge Dept of Engineering and have “An evening with Michael Foale”. Prue used to know him and his sister from many moons ago and want to hear his story on the space shuttle and the international space station. It is a well attended and enjoyable evening with many facts and video clips. We also manged to get Mike to pose for a photograph.

Rory and Max

It is our pleasure to look after Rory and Max this weekend. To keep them entertained we go punting in the afternoon and while they have never punted before make a pretty good attempt.
We have a barbecue in the evening and again show them how to cook a good hamburger and bangers. They are not too keen on the salad but the chips are going down a treat.

I think they have enjoyed themselves.



Sven here

My brother is staying with us this weekend as he has to attend a meeting on Monday. Having a meal at the Hare and Hounds on Friday which turned into a long session as we do not get home until after 11pm.

On Saturday I show him my aircraft and then go on the MG Owners Club in Swavesey where he has to get some parts for his MGB.

On Sunday evening it is off to the Hare and Hounds again for the quiz.

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