Scarecrow Festival

This weekend is the bi-annual Haslingfield Scarecrow Festival and the weather is very kind to us. The are a large number of scarecrows dotted around the village which are being admired by a large influx of people. The theme this year was “Idioms and Sayings” and seems to have lead to an lare number of different interpretations. Prue has made a scarecrow (with a tiny bit of input from me) depicting a painter (Vincent) painting a thousand words with his picture.

Village Hall extension

We have officially opened the village hall extension today and are showing off the new kitchen and meeting room upstairs. We can be proud of what we have achieved in a little over 18 months (taken longer due to Covid). Let’s just hope that many villagers are able to enjoy the new facilities.

Patio – revisited

I have finally finished the patio. A big job but am very pleased with the final result. Had to cut several slabs to size to ensure they fit nicely around the pond.

You can judge for yourself.

Operation Time

After months of struggling with a painful knee, Prue is finally having an operation on her knee today. I drop her off at 16:30 at the Spire hospital and get a ring at 22:30 to hear she is ready to be collected again. A great relief that this has been a successful operation as the problem started on 5th January this year. Let’s hope a speedy recovery is in the offing.


James has found himself a new place to live in Brighton so are planning to visit him over the weekend and enjoy his hospitality. He has the 2nd floor of a semi-detached house with the beach at the end of the road. 2 bedrooms, a lounge and a kitchen makes it a perfect place for him. He can see the sea from his lounge.

We wonder along the pebbled beach to the centre and have some lunch along the way and spend some time on the beach in the afternoon. In the evening we do the Hare and Hounds quiz.

New Patio

Today I am laying a new patio at the back of the house. Been postponing this as I know it is heavy work as I have to not only lay 110 slabs, I also have to remove the old ones and dig out and prepare part of the garden. At the end of the day I have only done about half what I thought I would do. Must be getting older! Will have to finish it some other day but at least made a start.


Late in the evening we can hear some strange noises from the back patio and wonder if there is someone in our back garden. However upon inspection we find that some badgers have taken upon themselves to gorge on the bird-food we left out during the day. We try to photograph them but didn’t come out too well due to the reflections in the window.

VE day (8th May)

Today is Victory in Europe Day (VE Day) so we have decked out the front garden in flags and union jack umbrella (we don’t have a real flag) to get in the spirit. Paul has beenĀ  playing Vera Lynn all day to get us all in the spirit although there only so much Vera Lynn one can take


Nothing much has happened since the last post on 28th February as pretty much all social contact has ceased. No cinema, meals out, theatre or dinner parties. Even the pub is out of bounds. Will update when there is new to report. In the meantime, keep safe and well.

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