Flying in Europe – Groundschool

Driving to White Waltham airfield where I attend a groundschool on flying in Europe. Most is basic and fairly obvious but there are some interesting topics. Appears that flying in Europe is easier than in the UK as less congested and controlled airspace and the ATC (when at work) actually talk to each other and hence “hand you over”. Must fly further afield when the weather gets a bit better.

Leicester Airfield

As the last weekend was such poor weather and going on holiday tomorrow I flew to Leicester airfield today. A 45min uneventful flight which was rewarded by a full English breakfast in the clubhouse. It was followed by a similarly uneventful return flight and got back to work by noon. That brings up the 45hrs flying time this year.

Llandedr – Flying II

After a sumptuous breakfast we walk along the beach from Club Gwynfa to Harlech where we have lunch and visit the castle. We then take the train back to Llandanwg to collect our bags and wait for the train to take us to Llanbedr airfield. By 17:15 the 16:35 train has still not arrived and started to panic as we had to leave by 18:20 to ensure we would get back to Fowlmere before dark. We unsuccessfully tried taxis but Sheila from Club Gwynfa kindly dropped us off so we got back before sunset.

Llanbedr – Flying

As this is the August bank holiday we are taking a long flight to north Wales to the airfield of Llanbedr. As we have plenty of time we walk to our bread and breakfast place in Llandanwg.

We are greeted by Sheila Marshall who could not have been more welcoming. When we asked her where we could eat she said she would cook for us. A gastronomic delight awaited us washed down by a very nice wine.


Flying – Turweston

I am flying Ali to Turweston today which is only about 30 minutes away near Silverstone. She has offered to pay for lunch which suits me very nicely.

I think she enjoyed the flight.

Church Fenton (AKA Leeds East)

It is wonderful weather today so have invited Mike Bass to accompany me when we fly to Church Fenton aerodrome. It was the place where James gained his PPL and where I had my first taste of flying in 2010! It was then a RAF base and was closed in 2013 and subsequently opened as Leeds East airport.

The flight was fairly uneventful and let Mike fly most of the way ensuring we remained clear of CAS. I landed at 11:15 and both had a massive breakfast. After having looked around (it was fairly deserted) and refuelled we left again a little after 1pm. I flew most of the way back and got back to Fowlmere at 15:00.


Duxford Aerodrome Safety Day

The plan was to fly to Duxford but as it is far too windy to fly, I will have to resort to use the car and drive there. An interesting show which is showing a lot of items which add to the general safety when flying.

Halfpenny Green Airfield

As the weather has been glorious we flew to Halfpenny Green Airfield which is near Wolverhampton. It was Luka’s turn to fly there and Susanna flew back and took us around 70 minutes each way.

An enjoyable flight which was supported by a light lunch at the airfield. Had a barbecue in the evening.

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